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This looks very promising, and I love the style! But I'm not sure I completely understand how the gamepad controls are supposed to work... Keyboard/mouse controls I have no trouble with, but I'm using an Xbox One controller (over Bluetooth FWIW) and RT shoots left, LT shoots right, both triggers together shoots forward, but RS only seems to allow you to aim ahead or behind.

Maybe I'm missing something, but it seems like simply being able to aim in 360 degrees with RS would make more sense and be more comparable to the mouse aiming? Or maybe something's up with my particular controller situation. Just my 2 cents.

That's quite an ending reward, it cracked me up :-P I couldn't stop until I finished the demo even though I found it very challenging!

controller support is REALLY spotty right now, free aim flat out doesn't work on some gamepads. we're improving it for the next demo in about a month. hope you're looking forward to it, and thanks for playing!

Oh okay, gotcha. Cool, I'm excited to try the next one! :-)

may we have a linux build?

sent ;^)