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LOG 9432: be the little artificial intelligence. made in 72 hours!


@_pikopik | @taxiderby

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
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Authorspikopik, taxiderby


Electra_64bit.zip 34 MB
Electra_32bit.zip 33 MB
Electra_Mac.zip 48 MB


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Bug Report:

On Windows Build, played on Windows 7 with an HD3000 intel graphic card (1.5 GB Ram, DirectX11/OpenGL 3.3  compatible,  and driver version, I see that every game areas 3D model it's "covered" with a translucent pink/violet texture that ruins all colors; maybe it's something related with alpha textures.

At this link you can find a couple of screenshots: https://mega.nz/#F!toFFQIDD!ttdqTlhAc2i7EiU7wMvwbA

Thanks for your attention and your work.

this is pretty odd. I'm inclined to think its the baked shadows since unlit objects such as the noticeboard display fine. thank you for the elaborate bug report!

I quite like your games.

Had to re-up the video, youtube cut off the first few minutes—apologies for the double post. Cheers and keep being rad!


thank you, I'm glad to hear that! we're still working on electra on and off. meanwhile if you haven't played pip sweep, you might like that one too.


Thank you for playing our game "Space Pile Simulator." We hope to see you make many more messes in our future releases.

Thanks to the hints I was able to get through. Love the SS2 references :)

thank you for playing. the bread puzzle should be less tricky for a first challenge, sorry it gave you trouble

Definitely a cool idea, with a hint of greater things to discover. Would like to see more of it!

I liked this! It deserves to be continued.

So... how to move the stuck camera? It can't be actually relying on Unity's physics to randomly open the door at an angle that will shoot bread towards that particular camera, can it? :)

the top locker is rigged so that it launches the bread in the correct direction. admittedly the puzzle is a bit more convoluted than necessary and it should be easier in the next version! (whenever that is)

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If the bottom locker is open, bread gets stuck, if it closed, the bread is out of range

At least if the first thing you do is trapping a bread in the bottom one :)

I'll try again!

That was fun! I love the style and atmosphere. The visuals are perfect, and the sound design matches well. Neat main mechanic too. Nice work both of you

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these jam games are pretty rough, you don't have to review it! I really appreciate your writeup for Idra but it's good enough knowing someone played it and found it interesting or worth their time. thank you

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