A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

LOG 9432: be the little artificial intelligence. made in 72 hours!


@_pikopik | @taxiderby

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Published18 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Authorspikopik, taxiderby


Electra_64bit.zip (34 MB)
Electra_32bit.zip (33 MB)
Electra_Mac.zip (48 MB)


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I had to ignore your request and review the thing anyway. In short, I liked it. I realise saying something “has potential” isn’t very helpful and moreover may encourage one to spend time on what might very well be a bum product, but I would say there’s a lot of mechanical brilliance to be had here that wasn’t available in Idra, which relied on its atmosphere and story more.

Anyway, Kratzen gives it 3/5 stars, in the usual cheeky manner, though what you want to do with this thing is ultimately up to you. Is it a dry well? The reception is more tepid than with Idra, so it might be. Depends on how long you can develop for. Keep it up, though. You might get famous.

Definitely a cool idea, with a hint of greater things to discover. Would like to see more of it!

I liked this! It deserves to be continued.

So... how to move the stuck camera? It can't be actually relying on Unity's physics to randomly open the door at an angle that will shoot bread towards that particular camera, can it? :)

the top locker is rigged so that it launches the bread in the correct direction. admittedly the puzzle is a bit more convoluted than necessary and it should be easier in the next version! (whenever that is)

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If the bottom locker is open, bread gets stuck, if it closed, the bread is out of range

At least if the first thing you do is trapping a bread in the bottom one :)

I'll try again!

That was fun! I love the style and atmosphere. The visuals are perfect, and the sound design matches well. Neat main mechanic too. Nice work both of you

What have I done to deserve two demos in two weeks? You’re tearing me apart, you two. Will look it over; here’s hoping PC Gamer doesn’t usurp me this time.

these jam games are pretty rough, you don't have to review it! I really appreciate your writeup for Idra but it's good enough knowing someone played it and found it interesting or worth their time. thank you

bless you, rabbit girl